tec4 oil system cleaner


Tec4 Oil System Cleaner is a highly concentrated technically advanced formulation designed to effectively remove this harmful contamination.

A combination of 4 technologies

• Adds lubricity.
• Neutralises acids.
• Dissolves contamination.
• Holds contaminants in suspension.

Key Benefits:

• Cleans internal engine components and provides anti wear protection.
• Neutralises harmful acid build up.
• Frees sticking valves, hydraulic valve lifters and piston rings.
• Stabilises cylinder compressions and restores lost power.
• Cleans oil ways.
• Keeps new oil cleaner for longer.
• Compatible with API and ACEA classification oils.

Directions for use:

Add one 400ml bottle of Tec4 Oil System Cleaner to the crankcase of a typical motor vehicle prior
to changing the oil. Idle the engine for 10–15 minutes.

For engines that have not had the oil system regularly cleaned idle for 20–30 minutes.

On completion carry out the normal oil and filter change procedure. For larger capacity engines add
at 10% by volume to the oil.

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