Oil System Protector

TEC4 oil system protector

Extended oil drain periods and stop start driving place high demands on modern oils. Tec4 Oil System Protectoris a highly concentrated technically advanced formulation designed to optimize performance of the oil, protect the oil system and reduce oil consumption.

A combination of 4 technologies:

• Optimises engine oil performance.
• Prevents contamination build up.
• Reduces crank case acids.
• Maintains oil stability.

Key Benefits:

• Prevents excessive oil consumption.
• Maintains oil stability during extended service intervals.
• Reduces acid build up.
• Optimises engine oil performance.
• Maintains cleanliness of valve train systems.
• Prevents valve lifter sticking.
• Reduces excessive engine noise.

Directions For Use:

Tec4 Oil System Protector is a blend of anti wear additives and performance enhancers designed to improve and protect the oil system. Sophisticated lubricity agents and viscosity improvers combine to reduce engine wear, inhibit contamination build up and reduce oil consumption.

• Add one 400ml bottle of Tec4 Oil System Protector to the crankcase of a typical motor vehicle following
an oil change.
• It is recommended that the oil system is flushed with Tec4 Oil System Cleaner and new oil is added prior
to the addition of this product.

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